Matted Prints 11 by 14 - Wholesale Product Listing

Listing of all Matted Prints we have available for wholesale. This page shows the image and description that comes with each print. Please check our wholesale information page for product and wholesale details.

Öntupqa - Grand Canyon  PC13 

Artwork depicts layers of time and changes in the canyon from ancient spiritual beings to prehistoric clans to the contemporary Havasupai (Havasu ‘Baaja) who now call the canyon home. A Havasupai woman stands on the rim of the canyon holding a prayer feather, Blessings for all life. The Colorado river flows below; fed by rains it provides a home to all life. the canyon walls form a pueblo T-shape doorway, an ancient entrance.


Singing Prayers  PC16

A mother and daughter wrapped in blankets for the cool morning, sing their prayers toward the rising sun. Butterflies gather about them flying upward to clouds as the last midnight stars greet the sun. The young girl carries her toy, a grandmother doll wrapped in a cradle board and has her hair wrapped in a child’s hair whorl symbolizing butterfly wings. Behind the women are ancient butterfly spirits gathered among flowers and clouds and above dragonflies with butterflies merge with the upper clouds.

Gathering Around Her  PC18 

A mother envelopes and protects her child, she wears a headdress of clouds and rain, blessings for a good life. To the left stands the child’s father. He holds a shield; the strength and protection of their culture. On the right stands the child’s grandfather with eagle staff. He symbolizes the traditions and wisdom of the community. Standing in front of her mother, A young child stands holding a woven plaque with a butterfly design, she wears a headdress with cloud and rain symbols. Her dress holds corn and rain designs. She represents the legacy of her culture and the continuation of her people. This artwork was the official poster image for the 28th Annual Protecting Our Children, National American Indian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect. Conference sponsored by National Indian Child Welfare Association.


Gathering To The Sun PC19

Dragonfly and Butterfly flutter among corn plants, they fly upwards across the horizon line toward the sun. Stars gather and meet the two winged spirits. Dragonflies and Butterflies symbolize moisture in the Hopi culture which give life and growth to corn plants.

This artwork can be displayed vertical or horizontal format.


Listening To Prayers  PC20

An ancient spirit listens to sacred birds as they surround him to offer prayers and blessings. He holds prayer feathers wrapped in a blanket with star and rain cloud symbols. Flying among the birds are a dragonfly and butterflies, symbols of the coming rains that gather below a night sky.


Child's Blessing PC21

A female spirit wears a manta dress covered in a corn seed design. Across from her is a katsina spirit who helps the Hopi people on the proper path of life. Together they hold a gourd of sacred water which they pour its blessings upon a child. The child holds prayer feathers and a ear of corn. She carries her katsina doll in a cradle board upon her back. She stand upon prayer elements that provide blessings to her.

Parrot Maiden PC22 

A maiden with feather plume headdress with corn ears and corn seed designs upon her body, reaches outward to parrots gathered around corn plants. Rain clouds approach from the horizon as a dragonfly and rain bird announces the coming rain.

The Pueblo people have traded these colorful parrots from mesoamerican people since 750 C.E., representing a long history of contact among native people in the Americas.


Gathering of Friends PC25

A school of fish decorated with pottery images from the prehistoric culture named the Mimbres gather together for safety and companionship.

Corn Maidens PC27

Two Corn Maiden spirits sing prayer songs of moisture among corn plants to welcome the approaching rain clouds. Dragonflies gather above the moisture filled clouds.


Palikwmana Gathers Rain PC29

Palikwmana (Butterfly Maiden) is a katsina spirit representing moisture, rain, fertility, and life. Qualities that she shares with the butterflies. With a headdress of flowers and moisture, she wears an embroidered dress with symbols of rain, flowers and abundant  plants life. She us surrounded by corn and rain clouds, all prayers for a good life.

Katsinam are benevolent spirits that bring their ceremonies to the Hopi. These ceremonies are woven throughout the year until their return to the spirit world. They will often bring gifts including carved figures of katsinam (tihu) that they will present to the young girls. Katsinam represent many roles, from warriors, animals, plants and elements such as rain and stars. As a bridge between this world and the spirit, they are a reminder of how life should be lead.


Star Maiden PC30

Across the desert mesas the Hopi people call home, the night sky is filled with the elements of the cosmos. A young woman wearing a traditional manta dress with corn designs reaches outward from earth to hold a star within the cosmos. She wears her hair in a style representing butterfly wings, insects who gather pollen and help give life to flowers. Her belt symbolize rain as it falls upon a disk with colors representing the four directions and a symbol of the earth. A blue corn plant rises upward next to her, reaching to  multi-colored rain clouds that gather along the corn plant as dragonflies flutter below. On her left an ancient village merges with the land carved with journey spiral symbols. As she reaches upward, a lighting bird crosses the star filled sky with a comet and moon circling the planet.