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Listing of all Note Cards -Eastern we have available for wholesale. This page shows the front image and description that comes with each card. Please check our wholesale information page for additional product and wholesale details. 



Spider - NC12 

In ancient times there was no fire, and the world was cold until the lightning brothers struck a hollow sycamore tree starting a fire. The animals could see smoke rising but could not get to it because the tree grew on a island. A council was called to see if anyone could retrieve a piece of the fire. (includes the full Cherokee story about how spider gathered the first fire.)

Cherokee Syllabary



Cherokee Syllabary - NC13

Cherokees are unique among indigenous people in creating their own writing syllabary. Sequoyah (Sisiquaya in Cherokee) developed the alphabet which consists of symbols representing a syllable sound.  The syllabary font was later modified for type set printing. With their own alphabet, the Cherokees printed the first indigenous newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix in 1828.


Love NC22

Love,  Gv-Ge-Yu-I - NC22

A heart design is created in traditional Cherokee basket weave. Three stars within the heart symbolize friendship, happiness and a blessed life.

Friendship Friendship, O-LI-I - NC23

Two hands join in friendship surrounded by the stars of the cosmos which also symbolize the many people of e-lo-hi - Earth. Each hand carries a woven pattern called the Friendship weave. Like the baskets the Cherokee people create, our journey interweaves with our family, friends and the world around us.