Earth Bundle
Earth Bundle
G Dawavendewa

Earth Bundle

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Artwork framed in matte board measuring 11 by 14 inches (27.9 by 35.5 cm)

Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi, Cherokee)

In 1994 Space Shuttle Endeavour carried a special memento from a NASA Astronaut who wished to celebrate the southwest and his first flight. Dawavendewa was honored to create artwork on buckskin  depicting the cosmos. The center depicts the sun - Taawa. Above Taawa are symbols of the Earth - the Fourth World, and below the moon. Radiating from the sun are markings representing the Milky Way. Within the stars are corn plants, a symbol of the four directions and of the life that inhabits the world. All encompassed by a rainbow - a symbol of life. Placed with the Earth Bundle was a Paaho, a prayer feather for the blessings for the Astronauts journey. Six directional Navajo stone fetishes were also included and the whole was blessed by a Tohono O'odham spiritual healer.

Matted print will fit a standard frame (11 by 14). Includes a description of artwork, information on the indigenous culture  inspired from and biography of the artist. Artwork is printed on heavy weight acid free matte paper using ink that is smudge, fade and water resistant. As in any artwork, please keep out direct sunlight. Print is matted with bevel cut buffered-pH neutral matte board and backed with acid free 100% recycled board. Artwork is packaged in a clear resealable envelope.

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