Star Maiden
Star Maiden
G Dawavendewa

Star Maiden

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Print - Matted 11 by 14 Inches (27.9 by 35.5 cm)

Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi & Cherokee)

Across the desert mesas the Hopi people call home, the night sky is filled with the elements of the cosmos. A young woman wearing a traditional manta dress with corn designs reaches outward from earth to hold a star within the cosmos. She wears her hair in a style representing butterfly wings, insects who gather pollen and help give life to flowers. Her belt symbolize rain as it falls upon a disk with colors representing the four directions and a symbol of the earth. A blue corn plant rises upward next to her, reaching to  multi-colored rain clouds that gather along the corn plant as dragonflies flutter below. On her left an ancient village merges with the land carved with journey spiral symbols. As she reaches upward, a lighting bird crosses the star filled sky with a comet and moon circling the planet.

Frame shows the display possibilities and is not included. This print will fit a standard frame.

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